“Chris Hudson may be the world’s best designer – without question. Beyond this, he is one of the nicest guys around and just a pleasure to work with. Chris designed our home for what may have been the most complicated and unanticipated challenge we could never have predicted. We purchased two lots that were collocated in a Town and County and dreamed of building a two-story French Country style home on a wooded lot. Our initial questions focused on whether we would have town water or well water and if we could have natural gas or would have to rely on propane delivery. My husband and I had general design ‘wants’ for our kitchen and living areas to highlight our love of cooking and hunting, although we only had one ‘need’ – the need for a two-story design. Chris spent a few months efficiently designing our dream home only to find out that the building requirements on one of the lots would not permit a two-story home. Chris turned potentially bad news into an even more amazing design – and we though his initial design was perfection. He then did the impossible by not only solving our building permit issue with an unexpected multi-story design, but he did it with flare. And this was just the exterior… Chris listened to every single 3AM idea we had and transformed our vision into a dream come true. Chris’s designs included a 3-story spiral staircase, cathedral-like range hood, stacked stone turret, curved walls, and an arched entry verandah complete with an astoundingly subtle yet unmistakable upward-curved French roofline. Chris designed it and Keelan Utzinger made it all physically happen. They did everything and more on our timeline and within our budget. He helped guide us on where concessions could be made to ultimately get the job done. We have lived in our dream home for more than 10 years now and not a day goes by that we aren’t grateful and thankful.”

- Jen & Chris

“My wife and I were living on the Gulf coast of Texas and wanted to retire to the mountains of western Virginia. We wanted to live on a few acres and custom build our house. We discussed our needs and requirements with a local bank and they suggested Chris’s firm. Since we would remain in Texas during the building and would not be able to make day-to-day visits, we needed to have utmost confidence in our architect.

We found that confidence in Chris. We found him to be creative and innovative. The house we ended up building turned out to be exactly what we wanted and needed. Chris provided us with insights, details and ideas that coalesced our thoughts into a truly wonderful home.

As you might expect, being 1,000 miles from the building site complicated the process. Chris’s communication skills and his ability to explain complex design and building options made the whole process fun, easy and simple.”

-Melinda & Craig

“We have enjoyed and benefited from your work for (with, really) us. You’re an excellent architect and designer, and we will happily recommend you to anyone. We’d be glad to serve as a reference, should you wish, to be named or quoted in your new business.”

-Fred & Beth

“Chris knew us as friends but in designing for us as clients, he worked hard to flesh out and then incorporate our passions and our whimsy’s - our love of light and color, and our desire to incorporate socially conscious elements such as passive solar energy and renewable/sustainable resources. He is a true collaborator - together we designed this very unique open wall for our glass pieces that separates our sunroom and our living room. That was over 10 years ago and the compliments on our home have never stopped.”

-Liz & Wilson

“We worked with Chris on the design and specifications for a large (6,200 ft2 finished space) house we built in Blacksburg. It was on a difficult site (300 slope and essentially solid rock). Chris was wonderful to work with and endured our many design iterations over a longer time than he anticipated, until we finally settled on one that would achieve what we wanted. The design and construction specifications were complicated but necessary because of the site issues. He had great ideas and was easy to work with and we can highly recommend him. If we were to build again, we would not hesitate to work with Chris.”

-Mel & Sharon

“Chris Hudson designed our custom home from a single sketch that we created based on the characteristics of our property. He added detail and flair to our base plan. Throughout the project, he worked with our ideas and enhanced them. The result is a small house with many individual touches that blend well and create a warm, comfortable and unique home.”

-Nancy & Jim

“For the first few years, after our house was completed, there would be a knock on the door. Standing on the doorstep would be a craftsperson, someone who had worked on the house, asking to show his girlfriend, a parent, or a child around. The people who built our house took great pride in its uniqueness, its fidelity to the nature surrounding it, the grace of the house’s design, and yet it solidness. We asked Chris Hudson to build a home for us that would honor the beautiful New River and the cliffs above it. A place that would be full of light, cozy for two people, and yet an ideal setting to hold fundraisers, family gatherings and celebrations. We have lived in such a house for almost fourteen years. We delight in it every single day.

Before we set out on the great project of building a singular home molded to a challenging piece of land, we were warned of how stressful we’d find the home building process. Marital strife, arguments with the architect, the builders, and the workers would surely ensue. Instead, Rick and I found ourselves enlivened, more collaboratively creative than we could have guessed and always eager to meet with Chris. We had a great time and loved every minute of raising our house. The best minutes were spent dreaming and planning with Chris Hudson.”

-Ann & Rick

See images of this house here.